Adriana Sahar Designs Clothes That Embrace Your Individuality & Sexy

Adriana Sahar Designs Clothes That Embrace Your Individuality & Sexy

Adriana Sahar Designs Clothes That Embrace Your Individuality & Sexy


Adriana Sahar takes her craftsmanship seriously and creates clothes that celebrates womanhood and makes women feel confident, embracing all their beautiful curves. Sahar has held an eye for fashion from a young age, beginning her first designs at 13, after her mother bought her first sewing machine. She sold her first dress shortly after for $25 and has since dedicated herself to the art of crafting looks that are fantastically animated and affordable. Sahar’s body-conscious designs, attention to detail, and hint of retro flair are the formula that fashions her best-selling brainchilds – from hot pink gloves with feathered boa detailing to a neon plunge cowl neck mini dress that screams studio 54 glam. Her most recent masterpieces have been featured on style influencers from The Clermont Twins to Miley Cyrus. The womenswear designer’s personal style is fearless, influencing a design aesthetic that reflects all the pieces she adores, but more importantly the “pieces every girl wishes she could wear.” The skilled designer produces just that, a line of clothes and accessories that speaks to every women’s desire to look and feel good and stand out from the crowd.

The daring designer converses with us about her design aesthetic, journey to success, and how she practices self-care.

Adriana Sahar wearing Adriana Sahar corset top and boa gloves.

Adriana Sahar wearing Adriana Sahar corset top and boa gloves.

Who is Adriana Sahar – the person and the brand?

Adriana is my birth name but since I was born I've been called Sahar which is my middle name. When I was younger I always told myself if I ever become a fashion designer my brand would be called "Adriana Sahar." Once people started finding me on social media I actually became Adriana because that's what everyone started to call me. I have felt like two different people my entire life. Adriana is sexy, classy, a bit shy, but sweet. Sahar is fun, loud, spontaneous, confident, and does not give a fuck! I have merged these two people into my brand and that's exactly what my brand is – the shy classy girl who wants to be sexy but fun. Live a little or a lot – that’s all on you.

Who taught you to sew? What about the sewing process made you want to start designing your own clothing?

I learned how to sew when the machine was bought; it came with some classes. Sewing was therapeutic for me, it was my hobby.

In the past, you moved to New York for a few months in hopes of being discovered by a major designer. While you were never discovered by a designer/design house, you were still discovered by many fans and fashion insiders – around the globe. What do you attribute to your rise in reputation and demand? Did you have a specific strategy or did this happen organically?

It all pretty much happened organically and I feel so blessed and thankful that it did. I stayed true to myself and who I am from the core, I designed original pieces that came from the heart and how I was feeling. I found my aesthetic and what I was good at - I was doing something no one else was at the time, and I believe that authenticity is the most exciting thing about a person. There's no lie in the clothing, it's all there and everyone can see it.

Your clothes are extremely vibrant and playful. How would you describe your brand’s aesthetic?

Sexy, Crazy, Cool.

What fabrics and materials excite you and why?

The funkiest fabrics, anything that's loud, colorful and sexy.

Who are the women who influence you?

Definitely my mother, she's inspired me to have a career and keep pushing it. All the women Iv'e ever worked with – they all inspire me.

Any advice for fellow designers aiming to gain a bigger presence and following?

Just be true to yourself and the rest will come. Don't ever give up on your dream and keep going. Be around people who want to see you win and believe in you.

What’s the best self-care advice you can share with fellow designers?

I love to look in the mirror and say affirmations using "I AM..."

What message do you ultimately want women to take away from wearing your designs?

Every female who has worn Adriana Sahar has told me they felt so beautiful and sexy, they were the star of the night, compliments were endless, and they turned heads to the max. That's exactly what the message is, you are a star feel as good as you look because you bodied that outfit!

What can we expect next from Adriana Sahar?

I'm planning on doing a show in Paris soon. I don't have details yet, but be on the look out for that.

Cool update for fans: Sahar will be opening Adriana’s Play House, her first clothing store in L.A. this August.

The new Adriana’s Play House clothing store in LA.

The new Adriana’s Play House clothing store in LA.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 1.11.05 AM.png
Adriana’s Play House

Adriana’s Play House


Photos: Adriana Sahar Instagram & Website.