These Women-Owned Brands Create Enchanting, Multi-Purpose Crystal Creations

These Women-Owned Brands Create Enchanting, Multi-Purpose Crystal Creations

What is there not to like about crystals?

They’re gorgeous to look at, make breathtaking adornments, and said to have healing benefits for varied mental, emotional, and physical conditions, by experts in both science and spiritual work. Crystals have always been available but never has such a wide selection of crystal shops and crystal-made concoctions been so visible, with such a diverse range of uses, nor the light as brightly shown on the magical women behind some of the best sourced or made crystal keepsakes. The modern-day crystal connoisseur’s platform extends far beyond a brick-and-mortar shop, spreading to social media, which provides the essential epic visuals needed to feel the vibrations of your favorite crystals. Brands owned by fierce women creatives and entrepreneurs offer a diverse selection of crystals or crystal-infused products that can satisfy our energy elevating needs. For your ease, we’re here to curate the best women-owned crystal brands from around the globe.

The article will be regularly update, featuring empowering, women-owned brands.

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Karma Bliss

Founded by music influencer Devi Brown, Karma Bliss’ brand centers around “helping women create wholeness through self-discovery.” Brown has written the popular book Crystal Bliss, a guide to selecting and preparing healing crystals, and extends her crystal knowledge to the motivational Karma Bliss. Once followers have acquired a stronger knack for crystal picking and practicing from Brown’s beautifully written book, they can head over to Karma Bliss’ site for all their crystal energy needs. Their vivacious crystal offerings and rare finds are amazingly supported with an Instagram filled with crystal snapshots that continue to educate us on each and every crystals’ benefits and purposes.

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Energy Muse

Energy Muse started off with just one necklace and has blossomed into the bible of crystals for many crystal lovers around the world. The crystal brand, started by two women, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, Energy Muse’ first “muse” was their Prosperity Necklace created by Askinosie which combined the crystal energy of jade, and ancient Chinese symbolism and numerology. The pairs spiritual research and world travels have contributed to a brand that is deeply connected to what they deem the root of their success – healing crystals. Askinosie and Jandro hope to help others empower themselves by creating positive shifts in their energy and lives. Let Energy muse help you learn how to use crystals, get results, and shops around for some powerful crystal jewelry and gems.

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Cosmic Aura Crystals

Some of the most eye-catching gems on Instagram have stemmed from Cosmic Aura Crystal’s account. Her personal love for rocks, minerals, and crystals turned into a small business on Etsy that has now grown into a brand that has amassed over 50K followers on Instagram alone. Rightfully so, shop owner Cosmic’s treasure trove of glorious rocks, call right to you, from whatever screen your viewing.

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Chakra zulu

As alluded, this shop is all about aligning your chakras! Chakra Zulu creates divine chakra sets, as well as one of a kind crystals, works like wands, hearts, and palm stones. Created in sunny Florida, Chakra Zulu ships worldwide, and bursts bright with crystal goodies. A super special feature, you can shop by intention on the site, so whether you’re looking to bring good light to for love and happiness or peace and serenity, this crystal shop is here to guide your crystal search with ease.

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Queendom Cultivation

You will feel like a queen in Queendom Cultivation owner, Jazmine Danielle’s pieces. Danielle makes intricate and vibrant jewelry from any and every rock, mineral, and crystal she can find. She regularly posts the crystals she is inspired by and currently working with, informing readers of their power and abilities to alter energy. Not shortly after, followers can witness the genius wire masterpieces the jewelry entrepreneur forges out of crystals you thought looked good enough standing alone, but rather transformed into must-have baubles.

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Broken River Mining

Crystals don’t just sprout from the earth, they are carefully and gruelingly mined. Reminding us of the work behind the majestic crystals we normally only see when perfectly polished is female boulder opal miner, Sue Cooper. Hailing from Australia, Cooper and her family own and operate three opal mines, while Cooper delightfully shares their opal adventures on the gram’ for us to enjoy. These snapshots will surely raise your vibrations.

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If you love art and crystals then Twigglings will tickle your fancy for sure. Artist Abigail Kramer’s art is often inspired by minerals, and frequently features a spectrum of splendid crystals, so you can delight in the joys of crystals without having to worry about caring for them. Her Etsy shop offers up-close visuals of colored penciled gemstones, colorful stone stickers, notebooks, mugs, and much more.

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Wingo Starr Jewelry

This shop has a lot to offer, but if we had to bet on one piece to win you over it would be Wingo Starr Jewlery’s epic custom gemstone mirrors. You will find yourself daydreaming about the mirror frequently after first sight. Yet, that’s not the only crystal brainchild of the brand that will occupy your mind. The Etsy shop owner Mallory Wingo’s passion for jewelry and knack for crystals, creates for dreamy jewels you’ll desire to collect.

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Bring a sense of sacredness to your sex life with Chakrarubs. These are sex toys made from natural crystals and beautifully hand-crafted tools. It’s the intentional practice of sensual love, with their energy healing articles that activate your body to healing, peaceful, loving, and orgasmic euphoria. A new way to align your chakras, the Chakarubs will turn you on and keep you feeling refreshed.

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Open up your third eye with the help of Claudia Washington’s eyewear. The FunknCrystals founder, Washington makes art for the eyes, with sunnies infused with crystals. You won’t find another pair like the ones created by Washington, who also designs custom glasses for customers who have a particular crystal affinity in mind. Feel revived when you step outside blocking all negative rays from heading your way.

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Pamper Nail Gallery

A new trend for nails this spring are gemstone-inspired tips. The nail artists at Pamper Nail Gallery in California will have you in awe over how realistic their crystal designs look on well-groomed nails. From green jade’s serenity to clear quartz’s positivity, Pamper Nail Gallery is here to keep your nails and energy relaxed, fresh, on point.

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Palais Apiim

Reign Apiim founded Palais Apiim in 2013 after only a year of collecting crystals and studying and studying the symbolism of dreams. Inspired by the crystals ability to aid in the manifesting of her own dreams, Apiim started her jewelry brand Palais Apiim, which features her ever popular crystal and beaded crowns. Embrace your royal air with Reign’s artful headpieces and crystal charms.

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Herbivore Botanicals

Even beauty brands are optimizing on the endless gains of using crystals. Herbivore Botanicals was founded by wife and husband duo, Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow, right in their Seattle Kitchen. It is a 100% natural, vegan skincare beauty brand, praised by natural beauty enthusiasts for their results. The pair are intentional about the ingredients they choose, combining essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals – that range from French pink clay to Brazilian gemstones. Each product poses a specific therapeutic benefit, and treatments are formulated to restore the skin to its optimum health.

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