Grass-Fields Celebrates Their Roots with New ‘Made in Cameroon’ Collection

Grass-Fields Celebrates Their Roots with New ‘Made in Cameroon’ Collection

The affordable new collection embraces culture and affordability.

Popular African-print fashion brand, Grass-Fields’ roots began in Cameroon, home to the founders, twin sisters Christelle and Michelle Nganhou. Their newest line honors the sisters’ home, appropriately titled ‘Made in Cameroon,’ and features exclusive styles and incredibly affordable prices. The collection consists of their staple bold and colorful African prints, matching sets, statement tops, and dresses of varying hemlines, that all cost
less than $60. Again, all pieces in the entire
collection, cost less than $60.

Preview a few looks with us.  


Photos: Grass-Fields


More from the ‘Made in Cameroon’ Collection on the site.


About the founders

In 2013, twin sisters Christelle and Michelle Nganhou, bravely left their former careers and studies in London in exchange for creating their own label that celebrates style and culture. The sister’s made Grass-fields with a simple aim to put the love back in African print clothing again, and the brand has single-handedly. The brand’s ultimate mission is to give customers a shopping experience that excites them, with their unique handmade African print dresses, one will surely treasure from season to season.


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