Top Picks: Artisan Beauty Brand Shaun Leon Bath & Body Reveal Their Beauty Must-Haves

Top Picks: Artisan Beauty Brand Shaun Leon Bath & Body Reveal Their Beauty Must-Haves

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Shaun Léon Bath & Body founders Shaunya and Leona Hartley quickly developed a nose for entrepreneurship.

For years, Leona Hartley has run her own jewelry line (Dee Lioness). Meanwhile, her daughter, Shaunya, owned and operated a successful Brooklyn-based vintage clothing store. However, both shared a devotion for making high-quality products with love and care. “I’ve been creating my own fragrances and beauty products for years as a passion project,” says Shaunya. The two decided to partner up and create a bath and body boutique after a 2017 Paris trip where they visited a perfumery.

All that research blossomed into Shaun Léon Bath & Body, a boutique beauty supply store that features whimsical fragrances and satiny skin-care products – everything from beard oil to bath salts to bar soap. The company launched online in late 2018 and ships its products through Shopify. Shaunya says creating the company has been a way for her and her mother to share their passions through their work.

“Both my mother and I are very passionate about ethical beauty products, so everything in our shop is paraben and cruelty-free,” explains Shaunya. “We’re also Brooklynites to the core, so we wanted to make sure our products felt luxurious but were also affordable enough for everyone to try them.”

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Shaunya & Leona’s TOP
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Glow up Face Oil


“This face oil was a labor of love, and as someone who is at that age where acne still happens but, you’re still looking at ways to keep signs of aging at bay – this face oil is perfect. There are 10 fruit based oils that make up this formula all that have not only moisturizing properties but also help to decrease dullness which is also a sign of aging. On days I go without make-up, I go with the Glow-Up.”


Softest Ever Body Oil

“So often we only think of the skin that is exposed and we neglect and usually under moisturize our body.  There is nothing sexier than soft skin and when we were creating this formula, we wanted something nutrient based that was both moisturizing and hydrating. We also wanted an oil that wasn’t greasy and would easily penetrate the skin and restore the skin cells. We add some additional essential oils for fragrance.”

Moods & Vibrations Canle


“The soy-based hand-poured candle is non-toxic and is super fragrant. When you come home from a long day you’d like to set another mood and a great scent can set in relaxation, and put your mind at ease.  We light them while we are creating products. I’ll come home from a day of meetings, throw on some 90s R&B, pour a glass a wine and light, my fave scent, Exotic Citrus.”

The shop’s product selection ranges in price from $8-$48, with free shipping on all orders over $75.

About Shaun Léon Bath & Body:

Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty is an artisanal suite of natural beauty oils and bathing botanicals, sourced globally and handcrafted by Brooklyn natives. Our purpose is to bring harmonious luxury to daily grooming rituals.

The oil blends, bath teas and salt soaks are formulated from natural oils, minerals and herbs. Each product is hand-crafted to ensure effectiveness. At Shaun Léon, we believe that ingredients derived from nature are agents of wellness and self-care. We are proud to deliver an uplifting line of products that will upgrade both your internal and external beauty regimen. More information can be found at

Photos: @shaunleonbeauty; Aisha Ude Photography